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Targeted mailings at very affordable rates!

If you are like most of us, marketing your businesses has become a real challenge. In the past, marketing was not as important. Today businesses need to be in front of people when they are ready to buy. It takes more marketing to get the same sales. The million dollar question is how to do it without breaking the bank in the process. And getting results, and being able to track it, are extremely critical. You must get a return on your investment to make it profitable.

This is why we have developed a program to help businesses like yours take advantage of the “NEW” USPS program called “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM). EDDM is a program that allows you to mail to every address in a chosen area at a significantly reduced postage rate.

  • Like-Minded Marketing with USPS Every Door Direct Mail program
    Like-Minded Marketing with USPS Every Door Direct Mail program

“Like Minded Marketing” (LMM) is a program in which we develop groups of likeminded, non-competing businesses that are looking for a better way to promote their businesses. This is a full color, monthly promotional piece delivered to all addresses within a particular zip code at a much more affordable rate.

To learn more details on this exciting new program please call 935-0615 to schedule an appointment.